Live Help Update

by Samurai Appliance Repair Man on August 23, 2002

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Live Help Update

gonna git you, suckah!So, I’m getting my hiking gear together this morning for another self-torture session in the White Mountains to break in my new hiking boots when I noticed Ouzo, my canine hiking bud, was standing by my van with one eye swollen almost completely shut and one side of his mouth puffed out like he was holding a ping pong ball. Apparently, he stumbled onto a yellow jacket’s nest while foraging for those savory feline droppings so highly prized among dogs of superior breeding and refined taste.

A trip to the vet and a shot of cortisone later and it was too late in the day to head to the White Mountains. But my loss is your gain since I’ll be staying here today, off and on of Live Help, a beacon of light in your dark hour of appliance despair.  

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