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Appliance Tip Update

Appliance Tip Update

In case you’re new to this website, here’s a table of all the Appliance Tip of the Day posts to date. If you’d like to receive this and other fun facts to know and tell in your email, you can join the Appliantology group. Keep in mind that since new tips are continually being added and this entry was posted in September, 2002, this table is already out of date. You can see the current table of tips here. Happy fixing!

Kitchen Appliance Tips Laundry Appliance Tips
Properly Loading a Dishwasher Levelling Your Washer
Loud or Weird Noises in Your Fridge Washer Water Usage
Storing Flesh Meats Safely Preventing Washer Floods
Buying a New Refrigerator Sudsing out of Your Washer Drain Stand Pipe
Icemaker Water Filters Gas Dryer Problem Solver
Sooty Burner in Your Gas Oven Dryer Stops when the Start Button is Released
The New GE IM6 Icemaker How to Replace Your Dryer Belt
Buying a Replacement or Add-on Icemaker Slow Water Flow into Your Washer
Custom-Made Gaskets for Commercial Refrigeration Hooking up a Gas Dryer
Money Saving Tips for Commercial Kitchens  
Range Clock Fault Codes  
No Ice in Your Whirlpool or KitchenAid Side-by-Side Fridge with In-Door Ice  
General Appliance Tips
Appliance Use and Care Manuals Your Detergents Suck
Ohm’s Law Appliance Service Calls
Appliance Parts Breakdown Diagrams Genuine Manufacturer’s Repair Manuals
Who REALLY Made Your Appliance? Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances

Appliantology Newsgroup

Appliantology Newsgroup

Now you can get Samurai Appliance Repair Man’s pearls of wisdom delivered directly to your email. Yah, when you join the Appliantology newsgroup, updates to this website will be emailed to you as soon as they’re posted. Don’t worry, the mail list is run by MSN Groups so you can easily unsubscribe anytime or choose to just receive daily digests. When you join the Appliantology newsgroup, you get access to all kinds of special goodies like the Appliantology chat room and a special files and photos area. So, go ahead and subscribe–all your other friends are doing it.

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Hillstomping Update

Hillstomping Update

Got a break in the weather today so Ouzo and I are going hike two sections of the Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway: the section from Wadleigh State Park to Kearsarge Valley Road and then continuing on the Lincoln Trail, going up to the summit of Mt. Kearsarge and then down to Winslow State Park. Just over a 10 mile hike. The Spousal Unit will drop us off at Wadleigh State Park this morning and then pick us up at Winslow State park this afternoon. From there, we’ll go right to our annual neighborhood party, Otterfest, to finish off the hike with burgers, brews, and neighbors. Later days, brah.

Appliance Tip of the Day: Who REALLY Made Your Appliance?

appliance tip of the day archive

Did you know that Amana is owned by Maytag? Yep, so is Admiral, Norge, and Magic Chef. And did you know that Kitchen Aid and Sub-Zero are both owned by Whirlpool? Yeah, man, all those appliance brands are just an illusion–they’re all made by just four, count ’em, four manufacturers. Oh, there used to really be a lot more manufacturers before mergers and acquisitions became vogue. The table below is kind of a road map for who makes which brands. Yes, Grasshopper, the many are really just the few…four, to be exact.

Brands of The Big Four Appliance Manufacturers
Whirlpool Maytag Frigidaire General Electric
Kitchen Aid Admiral Gibson Hotpoint
Roper Amana Kelvinator RCA
SinkGuard Caloric Tappan  
Estate Crosley White-Westinghouse  
Inglis (Canada) Glenwood    
Norcold Hardwick    
Partners Plus Imperial    
Conquest Jenn-Air    
Coolerator Maycor    
Crystal Tips Magic Chef    
Hampton Bay Menumaster (Litton)    
Jordan Modern Maid    
Sub-Zero Norge    
  Speed Queen    

"But what about Kenmore, why aren’t they in the table?," you ask. That’s because Kenmore doesn’t make anything but money. “Kenmore” is just a label owned by Sears and represents nothing more than a bunch of bureaucrats at Sears who get one of the Big Four to make their stuff for them. Period. There ain’t no “Kenmore” factory in Malaysia or anywhere else. You can decode your Kenmore model number here to find out which one of the Big Four dunnit.

grasshoppers in awe at the master's wisdom as he explains that the many are really just the few

Live Help Update

Live Help Update

It’s a chilly day with a much-needed steady rain here in New Hampster. Since I’m a wuss and won’t be out stomping the hills in these unsavory conditions, I’ll have my warm dry tushy planted right here in front of the ‘pooter most of the day. You got questions, we got answers…maybe not the one’s you wanna hear, but we got ’em.

Live Help Update

Live Help Update

Mrs. Samurai is having a bunch of her homeschooling Mom friends over tonight for a yak session. Since my computer is out in the family room where a bunch of women will be milling about and clucking, guess where I won’t be? Yeah, so while they’re here, I’ll be down in my workshop getting my backpacking gear together for my next trip somewhere, sometime. If I’m still sober enough to type, I should be online for live help by mid to late evening. Later, brah.

Beer Drinking Update

I'm goin' shopping!Check it out: American Express just sent me a Gold Card! Dude, I’m getting a Dell!

Dell hell. I’m gonna buy some more White Winter Premium Oak Brackett. This stuff elevates beer drinking to a new level. Brackett is a style of mead, which is an alcoholic drink made from honey, water and yeast. Mead-making pre-dates beer and wine making, having origins dating back 8,000 years. Brackett originates from ancient Scandinavia and is made by adding malt to mead. It’s a stout, full-bodied drink with a slightly thicker viscosity and higher alcohol content than other fermented grain beverages. Legend has it that sweet mead promotes fertility. Ladies, this mead’s for you!

Appliance Tip of the Day: Buying a Replacement or Add-on Icemaker

appliance tip of the day archiveLooking to replace your dearly departed icemaker? Sick of filling ice cube trays and you’re finally going to install an icemaker kit in your fridge? This handy table will help you figger out which kit you need. If you’re seeking wisdom on troubleshooting and repair or installing a water supply line for your icemaker, just click the preceding links. Otherwise, let the table below be your guiding light.

Refrigerator Replacement or
Add-On [1]
Icemaker Kit to Buy
Whirlpool and Kenmore with Flat-Style Plug [2] Add-On Whirlpool Add-on Icemaker Kit w/ Flat Plug
Whirlpool and Kenmore with Round-Style Plug [2] Add-On Whirlpool Add-on Icemaker Kit w/ Round Plug
Whirlpool and Kenmore Replacement Whirlpool Replacement Icemaker [3]
Whirlpool and Roper made from 1993 to present. Add-On Whirlpool Icemaker Kit w/ Flat Plug
Maytag, Magic Chef, Admiral and Jenn-Air. 1989 to current. Add-On Maytag Add-On Icemaker Kit
GE and Hotpoint. 1987 to present. Add-On GE Add-On Icemaker Kit
Frigidaire, Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Tappan, Kenmore (253 series), and Gibson brands (IK4, IK7, IK8). Add-On Frigidaire Add-On Icemaker Kit
Amana with Round-Style Plug [2] Add-On Amana Add-On Icemaker Kit
Amana with 4-Pin Male Receptacle [2] Add-On Amana Add-On Icemaker Kit
All Brands Add-On Copper Icemaker Water Installation Kit [4]
Whirlpool and Kenmore with Flex Tray Icemaker Replacement Icemaker Defrost Timer [5]


[1] Replacement means you’re replacing an existing icemaker in a fridge that already had one. Add-On means you’re installing an icemaker kit in a fridge that never had one. Add-on kits come with the water valve and ice bin, replacement kits do not. You can use an add-on kit for a replacement but you can’t use a replacement kit for an add-on.

[2] The style of plug refers to the type of icemaker electrical receptacle that you can see on back wall inside your freezer.

[3] Kit comes with both a flat and round receptacle plug.

[4] This is the type of water installation kit recommended by manufacturers. Uses only genuine copper tubing with a drill-type saddle tap valve. For more information, see this page.

[5] The defrost timer is built into the flex tray icemaker. If you just want to get rid of the flex tray icemaker in your fridge, you’ll need to install this replacement defrost timer kit or your fridge won’t run. You’ll have a hard time finding a replacement flex tray icemaker because they suck so bad. If yours is busted and you can’t fix it, you’re better off without it.

grasshoppers sitting with the master sipping frozen margaritas made with ice from their new replacement icemaker

Live Help Update

Live Help Update

the samurai awaits your beck & callWell, the MPU and her SU bid their sad farewells today, heading back home to Hotlanta. So I once again assume the meditative pose, preparing for the inevitable onslaught of penetrating and insightful questions on live help. Ahh, here’s a “Special Grasshopper” ringing me up for live help now. C’mon, have a listen:

Special Grasshopper: My washer doesn’t wash anymore. Any ideas?
Me: What brand is the washer?
Special Grasshopper: I don’t know.
Me: Have you read the online washer manual here at this website?

Special Grasshopper: No. Why do you even have live help if I have to read stuff?
Me: Ok, does the washer agitate?
Special Grasshopper: What does ‘agitate’ mean? Stop using technical jargon, please!
Me: Ok, here’s whatcha do: unplug the washer and coil the cord nice and neat.
Special Grasshopper: [after a delay] Alright, I did that. Now what?
Me: Very good! Now turn off the water valves and disconnect the water hoses to the washer.
Special Grasshopper: [after a longer delay] One of the water hoses is stuck and I can’t get it loose!
Me: No problem, just cut the hose.
Special Grasshopper: [after a very long delay] Ok, finally got it cut. That rubber is tough! Now what?
Me: Ok, you’re doing great! Now load the washer up in your pick up truck and drop it off at a local appliance dealer.
Special Grasshopper: Alright, what should I tell them?
Me: Tell them you’re giving it away because you’re too stupid to own a washer.
Special Grasshopper: Ok, so they’ll fix it for me for free then?
Me: Oh, yeah, they’ll fix you right up. Have a nice day.


Appliance Tip of the Day: Genuine Appliance Manufacturer’s Repair Manuals

appliance tip of the day archiveYes, Grasshopper, your journey into appliance repair excellence begins with good technical information. While it’s true that this website is the Muthah of all appliance repair websites and offers an extensive online library of information, do-it-yourself repair forums, and live help, there’s just no way we can reproduce all the esoteric information contained in genuine manufacturer’s repair manuals. Something about copyright laws, I dunno. Anyway, a good repair manual can be a valuable adjunct to the vast repository of appliance wisdom here at Come git you some.

Whirlpool / Kenmore Repair Manuals GE / Hotpoint Repair Manuals
Washing Machine (Direct-Drive) Repair Manual Washing Machine Step-by-Step Repair Manual
Washing Machine (Belt-Driven) Step-by-Step Repair Manual Dryer Step-by-Step Repair Manual
Dryer Step-by-Step Repair Manual Refrigerator / Freezer Step-by-Step Repair Manual
Dishwasher Step-by-Step Repair Manual Dishwasher Step-by-Step Repair Manual
Ice Maker Do-It-Yourself Repair Manual Electric Range Step-by-Step Repair Manual
Trash Compactor Manual  
Refrigerator / Freezer Do-It-Yourself Manual  

Maycor Repair Manuals Speed Queen & Amana Manuals
Maytag, Jenn-Air, Magic Chef & Admiral Top-Freezer Refrigerator Amana Washer Repair Manual (newer one-belt style)
Maytag, Jenn-Air, Magic Chef & Admiral Side-by-Side Refrigerator Speed Queen Dryer Repair Manual
Maytag SE100 Stacked Washer and Dryer Sub-Zero Technical Service Mini-Manuals
Maytag Neptune Front-Load Washer Repair Manual Series 500 Models
Maytag Performa Washer Repair Manual Series 600 Models
Frigidaire Repair Manuals Series 700 Models
Next Generation Side-by-Side Refrigerator Repair Manual Microwave Ovens and Ranges
Front Load Washer Manual Repair-master Microwave Oven and Ranges Repair Manual (covers most American built models)

grasshoppers thumbing through genuine manufacturer's repair manuals with the master

The Fixit Boyz White Mountain Journey

The Fixit Boyz White Mountain Journey

The Fixit Boyz -- Click for Larger ViewOnce upon a time, there were four guys who went on a backpacking trip in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Their names were Fishnutz, Tomscat, Huh, and Moostafa.

They hiked up the Old Bridal Path to Mt. Lafayette. Being flatlanders, Fishnutz and Tomscat held a prayer session asking the Mountain Spirit for the strength to finish their journey.

Despite enormous pain, they continued their three-day journey around the Franconia Ridge, enjoying many wonderful views. And they all finished their journey.


Live Help Update

Live Help Update

Been having annoying internet connection problems this week. Like I say in the gray sidebar on the right hand side of this page: my ISP, Aldephia, sucks. I mean REALLY sucks out loud. All week, cable modem access has been sporadic, working fine for a few minutes, then choking. And I’m paying $50/month for this crap. Oh, I know what you’re saying, you’re saying, “Hey, quit your whining about your ISP. What have you done for me lately and when are you gonna be back online for live help?” Well, y’see, Slick, if I can’t get on the internet reliably then live help don’t work. Patience, Grasshopper: I’m working on changing ISPs even as I write this. Hopefully by this time next week, I’ll be connecting via DSL and saying buh-bye to glitchy cable modem.