Live Help Update

by Samurai Appliance Repair Man on October 5, 2002

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Live Help Update

More changes are brewing here at This time it’s live help. Currently, I’m using Live Person to offer live help to users. I wouldn’t mind the $700/year cost for the service if it weren’t so glitchy. So, I’ll be phasing out the Live Person system in favor of the free chat room in The Appliantology Group. You have to join The Appliantology Group to access the chat room, but membership is free.

Also, instead of posting the live help hours here on this page as I’ve been doing, I’ll post them in The Appliantology Group calendar. So, for example, if you go the calendar for today, you’ll see an entry that live help is being held in the Appliantology chat room from 3-5pm. It’s pretty cool. And, so far, it’s all free, too. I got a feeling the days of the free ride on the web are coming to an end, maybe including the free stuff at this website, too. Later days, brah.

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