Gone Hiking

by Samurai Appliance Repair Man on October 9, 2002

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Gone Hiking

Heading out to the Adirondacks today for a backpacking trip. I’ll be meeting up with a couple of buds from PA. The K-9 unit and I will camp in the van at the trail head tonight waiting for Dave and Bob, who should be there around midnight. Tomorrow morning we’ll all hit the trail, face-first and screaming, all the way to the lean-to. We’ll set up base camp and, over the next three days, bag all the high peaks of the Adirondacks: Mt. Marcy (5344′), Mt. Skylight (4926′), Mt. Haystack (4960′), Basin Mtn.(4827′), Saddleback Mtn. (4515′), The Gothics (4736′), Mt. Armstrong (4400′), and Upper Wolfjaw Mtn. (4185′). We’ll hike out on Sunday and I shall once again be firmly ensconced in Mrs. Samurai’s strong but very womanly arms by late Sunday night or the wee hours of Monday morning.

I’ll spend this morning doing last-minute packing and head out around noon for the four-hour drive to the trail head. If you need appliance repair help while I’m out on the trail, call me toll-free on my cell phone at 1-800-GET-LOST. Or you could go ahead and post your question in the forum and one of the other fine gurus will help you.

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