How to Search The Appliantology Group

by Samurai Appliance Repair Man on October 14, 2004

in Website Updates

For over two years now, The Appliantology Group has been hosted at MSN Groups. Despite some minor limitations, it has proven to be a popular and salubrious format for the AG. The lack of a site search, however, is a glaring shortcoming. As posts have been added and answered at the repair forum, it has turned into a colossal database of appliance repair information with no way to search it…until now. I’ve found a way to search the group using Google. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Google’s homepage.
  • Enter in your search term followed by appliantology, all on the same line.
  • You’ll be presented with pages of your search results, all from within the AG.

Let’s take a ezzample. S’ppose I have a problem with my Whirlpool gas dryer. I might use a search term such as Whirlpool gas dryer no heat. To search the AG, I’d go to Google and enter the following search term: Whirlpool gas dryer no heat appliantology. That search gives 21 results, shown here.

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