Still Blogging After Six Agonizing Years!

by Samurai Appliance Repair Man on May 8, 2006

in Website Updates

Just realized that this month marks my six year anniversary of blogging about (mostly) appliance repair topics. How do I do it? More importantly, WHY do I do it? I still wonder that as I swill cheap beer and pick black flies out of my nostrils. I mean, sure, making two-bits a day and all the water I can drink is certainly more than generous compensation for what I do here but, after six years, there has to be more motivating me than just material compensation. I think it comes down to sheer boredom. I mean, what the hell else would I do? Ok, I could go back to my old job of licking urinals at the Texaco but, somehow, that job left a bad taste in my mouth. So, guess I’ll just settle in for another six years. Well al-l-l-lrighty then.

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