Why Isn’t My Sub-Zero 690S Cold?

Michael wrote:

Does the attached photo indicate to you a problem with my Evaporator? I have a Sub Zero 690S (M1971808) and I already replaced two Thermistors but I continue to receive a flashing Service light. Before I call for service I wanted to see if this photo indicates a Evaporator problem or not?

Attached photo:

Classic Sign of a Leaky Evaporator Coil in a Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Thermistors or any other kinda “Mistor” ain’t gonna hepya none on this’n, Budrow. Nawsir, you got what we professional appliantologists call “a leak.” A leaky evaporator coil, to be pacific (interestingly, we call it the same thing out here on the Atlantic).

As Fate would have it, this is a common problem with this model of Sub-Zero refrigerator. Which raises the question: who is this woman, Fate, and why does she always get to have things her way?

Sub-Zero is more aware of the situation than they ever dreamed they’d be in their worstest nightmare ‘cuz they’s been a whole rash of ’em all over the buttocks of the Sub-Zero-owning humanity. Call Sub-Zero with your model and serial number handy to see what they’ll do fer ya. Usually, they’ll cover the cost of the evaporator but you’ll have to pay the servicer’s fee.

Next time, buy a Whirlpool.

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