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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Take Back the Power!

One week, I'm getting lots of traffic and my website is ranking high in the search engines. Then, the next week, the search engines do this mysterious thing called "re-indexing" and traffic drops off to a trickle. High tide and low tide, rain and shine. It's a fickle game without any discernible rhyme or reason. Oh sure, search engines would have you believe that their rankings are objective and based on "secret" algorithms. But my own research has revealed that this is a big fat lie--search engine rankings come down to nothing more than the whim of a few snivelling hacks who review websites and make capricious decisions about site rankings while diddling their nipple rings and spiking their hair. I know my audience and I know that most of you are hard-working folks who live in the real world and are pretty good at fixing things. You don't need some tattooed, pencil-necked, gothic über-geeks deciding for you which websites are most relevant to your search.

Let's take back the power! bidness card--click for full-size and download the picture.  Then email it to as many friends as you can.  Take back the Power!I'm starting a campaign to bypass the search engines altogether and banish them into realm of insignificance, just like network news on television. I'm taking it to the street, yo! The best advertising is word of mouth. If you like this website and it helped you fix your stuff, take one of our bidness cards, and email it to as many friends as you can. You'll help make the internet a better place, a place free from biased and corrupt search engines, while at the same time helping to promote one of the few truly useful sites on the web that really does save people money.

Join the fight, take back the night!

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