Whirlpool-Kenmore “Even Heat” dryer: lights come on but the motor won’t run

Don’t let all the fancy electronics on this dryer fool you; behind all the glitz and glam and beep-beeps of the fancy-pants electronics, it’s still just a dumb dryer and it does the bidness of drying clothes like even the simplest (and more reliable) dryers out there. If you’re dealing with a problem where the […]

Whirlpool Cabrio dryer WED6400SW1: drum won’t tumble but the heater still fires up

This can be a head scratcher because the heating element in a dryer should only come on when the drum is tumbling. There’s still power to the display and you can run diagnostics but the motor won’t turn on. In fact, this is one of those cases where simply running the diagnostics without any insight […]

Whirlpool-Kenmore Even Heat Dryer Won’t Heat; Checked All the Basics Still No Joy

wolfpackapprentice wrote: I have a Kenmore model 110.63956102 dryer that tumbles but does not heat. I have checked almost everything, I think, and I am still puzzled. Here is the list: 1. Power at terminal block – 240V in and 120V on each side 2. thermal cut-off shows continuity 3. High limit thermostat shows continuity, […]

Dryer Repair FAQ

Dryer (Gas and Electric) Diagnostic & Repair Guide Problem Possible Causes [Gas and Electric]Dryer drum won’t turn. The belt’s broken. Turn the drum by hand. If it turns reeel easy, you gotsa broken belt, Hoss. Also, look for contributing causes for the belt to break such as worn drum rollers, damaged felt kit, or stiff […]