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General Appliance Smarts

Appliantology Table of Contents
Appliance Parts Madness!
Looking for appliance parts? Try this convenient table of parts links for all appliance brands.
Who Made My Kenmore?
And don't be telling me "Sears" 'cause they don't make nothin' but money. If you gotsa Kenmore, looky here, Bubba.
The Hard Facts About Hard Water
Is your washer or dishwasher not cleaning your stuff real well? Getting stains on your clothes in the washer? It may be a water problem and not an appliance problem.
Power Quality and Your Appliances
Do you seem to be blowing fuses and light bulbs too frequently? Here's why.
Soap On A Rope
Do you like to buy the cheapest detergent you can for your dishwasher or washer? You may be penny wise and pound foolish. Read why.
"How Much is a New One?"
Thinking about chucking your appliance and buying a new one? Read this first!
Your Detergents Suck
Cascade, Tide, doesn't matter, they all suck. Here's why.
Genuine Manufacturer's Repair Manuals
Don't settle for cheap imitations sold on the seedy underbelly of the web. Come get the real thang.
Who REALLY Made Your Appliance?
All those appliance brands are just an illusion--they're all made by just four, count 'em, four manufacturers. Who made yours?
Expert reviews and recommendations of the stuff you need to fix your stuff.
Parts Breakdowns
Parts breakdowns for all your major appliances.
Use and Care Manuals
Use and Care manuals for most brands of major appliances.
Troubleshooting Major Appliances
Do you know how to read a schematic? You ain't fixing much unless you do. Check this out.
Appliance Service Calls
Thinking about picking up that phone and making a service call? Do you know how to spot a competent appliance technician? Read this now!
How to Read Your Model Number
If you're seeking wisdom from the Master, you better make sure you give a full and correct model number. Read and learn.
Indoor Air Pollution Control
Tired of hacking and gagging on pollen, smoke, cat dander, molds, and chemicals? Come, grasshopper, learn how to breath easy.
Appliance Power Usage
Wondering how much it's costing you to run your fridge or dryer? No need to guess with a Kill-A-Watt meter.
Phixit Photos
Here's a whole pant-load of appliance repair photos just waiting for you to feast your beady little squinties on 'em.
Making Basic Electrical Tests
Frequently, you'll need to measure resistance or voltage in order to troubleshoot your appliance or to tell me what you found so I can help you. This article 'splains how t'do thayat.
Samurai's User-friendly Difficulty Scale (SUDS)
Wondering how hard it's gonna be to fix it yourself? Now, Using the hi-tech, patent-pending, as-seen-on-TV SUDS rating system, you'll know ezzacly what yer in for. Ya know?
Toll-free Appliance Repair Hotline
Ya hey, no gimmicks, no catch, no sleazy ploys, just one of the many, many ways the Samurai stays in touch with his Grasshoppers and to help them get the job done!
"How Long Should Appliances Last?"
The notion that an appliance has a definite life-span after which it should be hauled off to the landfill is one that the savvy marketing departments of the appliance manufacturers have carefully implanted into that muck between our ears.
  Electrical Requirements for Household Major Appliances
Putting in a new appliance? Well, you're gonna need to how to power that sucker. This'll 'splain it to you.

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RV (Gas) Refrigerators


Appliantology Table of Contents
Gas Refrigerator Basics
Do you own an RV with a fridge in it? One day it will leak ammonia. Find out why.
"My RV Fridge Stinks of Ammonia! Now What?"
You have exactly three options and this article 'splains 'em to you.

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