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The New GE IM6 Icemaker

appliance tip of the day archiveLook, I make no pretenses about being a neutral or unbiased voice in the home appliance world--I'll tell you right now, Grasshopper: I ain't. Nawsir, I am one cranky and opinionated cracker. But get me talking about GE appliances, and I turn into one pissed-off cracker. Why? Because despite horrendous quality problems and outrageous markups on replacement parts, people still buy GE appliances and so the freak show continues.

GE's new IM6 icemaker--click for larger viewIf you recently bought a GE fridge equipped with an icemaker, it probably has the new GE IM6 icemaker. If it's like other GE appliances, it won't be long before something goes horribly wrong with it. Probably the day after your warranty expires. So go ahead and bookmark this entry now, Grasshopper, 'cause you're gonna need it. Guaranteed. Ok, let's light this candle.

The most common problem that you, the unsuspecting GE owner, will run into with this contraption is when it inexplicably goes into fault mode. This icemaker has a green LED on the right hand side, below the power-on rocker switch, shown here. When that LED starts flashing at the rate of ½ second on, ½ second off, welcome to fault mode, compadre. The main reasons this icemaker goes into fault mode are:

More diagnostic info on the IM6, including how to initiate the harvest cycle, here.

The thermistor is one busy dude in this icemaker. It's contantly sensing the temperature of the ice mold and controls just about everything, from the mold heater to the ice harvest. It will fail either electrically open or shorted. Either way, you're screwed...unless you know how to check it. Would you like to know? Ok, I'll tell you. First, locate the thermistor on the icemaker and pull that sucker right out of the printed circuit board. Now, clip your ohm meter leads to the thermistor terminals and check the resistance according to this temperature-resistance chart. If your thermistor tests bad, come git you a new one!

If the thermistor is good but the icemaker still doesn't work right, then you have to replace the whole icemaker. Sorry, Slick, but that's GE for ya.

So, let's say you wanted to replaced your GE icemaker with a good ol' Whirlpool icemaker. How would you wire it into your fridge? Why, using the schematic diagram for the IM6, of course!

By the way, if you'd like to call GE to tell them what a big fan you are, their number is 1-800-626-2000. Go git 'em!

grasshoppers hanging with the master, wailing and lamenting their bad decision to buy GE

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