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Now, Grasshopper, if you have absorbed all the repair helps on this site, and are still confoosed, then you must seek wisdom from Moostafa, the Ayatollah of Appliance Repair.

Moostafa, the Ayatollah of Appliance RepairMoostafa runs the Mecca of Appliance Repair, the finest appliance repair forum this side of Mecca. I approached Moostafa several weeks ago and asked him if he would consider taking over the forum portion of the Appliantology Group. After much negotiations and graft, Moostafa has graciously agreed. Now, lest you go away shaking your head and thinking he's just another towelhead with a smelly left hand, hoooooold on there, Bubbalouie, and let me introduce you to our dear, dear friend, Moostafa.

Moostafa comes to us from Jalalabad, Afghanistan, where he leads a quiet life in his desert tent with his four wives and 17 children, tending his camels and yaks. When he's not pleasing one of his wives or running his world-famous appliance repair forum, Moostafa keeps himself busy with various hobbies such as picking through rubble, searching for water, growing his beard, wrapping towels around his head, avoiding eating with his left hand, and praying to Allah that the Ameedicans, er, I mean, Americans will hurry up and build that damn pipeline through his country so he can finally get a job and feed his four wives and 17 children something other than camel leather and semen of yak.

I know, you're probably wondering how Moostafa can possibly run an appliance repair forum if he lives in a tent in the middle of some God-forsaken desert without even rudimentary sanitary facilities, let alone electricity or internet access. Ahh, this is what makes our dear friend, Moostafa, very special indeed.

Moostafa powers his iMac off a camel dung and lime juice battery that he designed himself and connects to the internet via an old Soviet military satellite uplink system that he acquired while he was a Mujahadeen in his youth. It's exactly that kind of Afghani know-how that makes Moostafa such a valuable appliance guru. So, come, kick off your sandals and gather 'round the carpet with the Ayatollah and learn how to wage Holy War on your infidel appliances.

The direct address to the appliance repair forum is http://appliantology.org.

NEWS FLASH: This just in from the Samurai News Network wire service. Moostafa's desert tent compound was mistakenly bombed by American planes in a pre-dawn bombing raid. Read more...

And now, Grasshopper, ask yourself this very important question:

Got Parts?

Still confoosed, Grasshopper? If you see the face in the box below, go ahead and ax me.

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