Daily Archives: June 20, 2002

Awesome hike up the Osceolas today! We bagged both East Osceola and Mt. Osceola. Here’s the route we took:

Except we started at the Greeley Pond trailhead and ended at the Mt. Osceola trailhead. Total mileage was something over 10.

Just four intrepid souls and their two faithful canine companions. The dogs both did great on the vertical ascent up East Osceola, with a little help from their humans. Had a nice long stay at the summit despite the black flies in a blood frenzy. (Got some good bites, too) I love how my body feels wrung out and beat-to-shit after a good ass-kicking hike. I’m gonna sleep good tonight!

Pictures from this hike, the Moosilauke and Mt. Garfield hikes are all coming soon.