Hillstomping Update

Hillstomping Update

DAYYAM I gotta pee!Awesome hike up Mt. Moriah yesterday! We feasted on wild blueberries, soaked up the rays and the 360° views on the summit of Mt. Moriah, and threw sticks in the icy water of the Rattle River for the dogs to chase until they started shivering uncontrollably from hypothermia. Check out Tim’s pics of this hike. Part of our hike took us on a section of the Appalachian Trail where we met several AT through-hikers. Now, here’s an unlikely coincidence: I met up with a guy, Jeff, on the trail who was a fellow student in the milestone life-experience AMC Winter Camping workshop, that I’d taken this past winter. He was out for a few days on a backpacking trip at the same time we were dayhiking and we just happened to cross paths on the same freakin’ trail! Now, what are the odds of that happening?

Live Help Update

I’ll be online for live help most of the day…except for when I’m too busy doing fun stuff like wiping that brown liquid out of the trash cans or soaking my toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide and staring at all those fizzy bubbles. Should be online most of this evening, though. Feel the love, yo.


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