Brain Drain

Brain Drain

Just got back from a three-day section hike on the NH Appalachian Trail with my K-9 hiking bud, Ouzo. Found out that EZBoard, the host for the Samurai School of Appliantology, has been dead in the water for the past couple of days. They’re back up now.

The backpacking trip I just returned from was a trial run for my four-day backpacking trip next week in the Adirondacks with a couple of friends from PA. Since I want to take the K-9 on that trip, I needed to see how he’d do in backpacking life…and how I would do carrying the extra food needed to keep him alive. Both of us did just fine. In fact, Ouzo didn’t even want to come home. He’s slinking around the house wishing he was back on the trail.

For your reading pleasure, here are some pearls from the trail gleaned from this last trip:

  • Of all things to be caught without, toilet paper should not be one of them. It’s light enough that you won’t be overly burdened by carrying a little more than you think you need.
  • Wet wipes kick ass! Especially the red ass.
  • Carrying a backup pair of skivvies is wise. Carrying a backup to the backup pair is inspired.
  • Carry a backup source of light to your LED headlamp–the mountains get dark very early and the nights are long. Good choices for backups are a candle or cyalume sticks.
  • The first night out is always the most difficult for sleeping. Carry a sleeping aid. Vodka works well.
  • A robust coffee substitute: Add two bags of Celestial Seasonings Island Maté Spice tea and one bag of Twinings English Breakfast tea to a half quart kettle of water just brought to a boil. Steep for seven minutes. Keep toilet pack handy.

More on the planned Adirondack expedition in an upcoming Hillstomping Update. Don’t touch that dial!


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