Stop the Madness!

I hate junk faxes. People that send ’em are nothing more than sleazy little thieves. They’re even a notch below email spammers because they steal my paper and toner to get their stupid message to me. And what kind of half-wit responds to scam offers in unsolicited faxes? There must be enough mental midgets out there to make it worthwhile for junk faxers to continue their evil trade.

Did you know that junk faxes are illegal? Oh yeah, big time. It’s a Federal crime under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA). Most states have laws forbidding junk faxes, too.

Here’s what I do each and every time I get a junk fax:

  • Send the junk fax with a cover memo to:

    Consumer Information Bureau
    Federal Communications Commission
    445 Twelfth St. SW
    Washington, DC 20554

  • In the subject of your memo, at the top, write in bold print:

  • Here’s the text of what I write, you can copy it and use it yourself:

    I received this unsolicited fax. I did not invite this fax, nor did I give permission for it to be sent. I request that the Commission take appropriate action against the sender.

    Fax received [date received] at phone number [your fax number].

    [You must sign the memo]

  • Then mail it off and crack a cold Bud Light knowing that some scumbag is facing a $1500 fine. BOOYAH! claims you can win money by prosecuting or even threatening to prosecute these thieves. There’s even a junk fax attorney who will take your case on retainer! I’m telling you, junk faxes are a big hairy deal. So stop throwing away your junk faxes in disgust. Be part of the solution, stop the madness!

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