1040, Good Buddy

Wasn’t tax time great? Filling out all those forms telling Big Brother every little detail of your finances and seeing how much of the money you’ve earned gets extorted, er, I mean, collected by the IRS?

What? You didn’t enjoy it? Well, you must be a damn pinko-commie! Where’s your Amerikan patriotism? Don’t you know we have lots and lots of wars to fight, you ingrateful leech? How dare you want to keep the money that you earn! What, you think it’s, like, YOURS or something? Well cough it up ’til you spray blood, pal.

Here, maybe these fun facts to know and tell about the Income Tax will enlighten your mind which has obviously been dulled by too much Liberty.

Let Freedom Ring

Drug wars, Saddam wars,
Income Tax and gun control…
ahh, Land of the Free.

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