Mission Report: The Samurai Aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln

The Samurai chatting with the President on the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln--click to listen.Regular students of the Samurai School of Appliantology know that the CIA frequently calls on the Samurai for special assignments in signal processing and counter-intelligence.

Although prohibited from telling you at the time, the Samurai was on-assignment aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln when President Bush made his famous carrier landing. To the right, you see a picture of me chatting with the President on the flight deck. My mission was to monitor all signals to and from the ship during the president’s maritime photo-op and to identify anything unusual. During President Bush’s speech, broadcast to bizillions of people all around the world, the Samurai detected a highly anomalous signal hiding in the high frequency sideband of the broadcast transmission, just within the subliminal range of human perception. I’ve stepped the frequency down into the normal hearing range. Let’s listen:

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