Voices Inside My Head

As many of my faithful grasshoppers know, the Samurai has been developing an appliance that reads thoughts and converts them into audible sound. The appliance is called a Mental Sensory Transducer and is based on the work of Ingo Swann, the pioneer of Remote Viewing. Now, for the first time, we can directly listen to someone’s thoughts as they occur.

I’ve just completed the first round of prototype tests and the initial results are very promising indeed! Here is a recording I made using the Mental Sensory Transducer of my thoughts while on an appliance repair service call. Let’s listen:

this is an audio post - click to play

All of us here at Samurai Labs International are very excited about the possibilities for this new appliance to promote World Peace. I expect that very soon the CIA will be contacting me to develop several production models for them–imagine what a powerful weapon this will be in the war against terrorism! Soon, I’ll be cashing out of this appliance repair rat-race and riding that golden parachute to Easy Street. See you on Hollywood Squares!


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