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Friday, March 05, 2004

Mailbag: Slow Water Flow into a Washer, Part II

Diane wrote:
Elder Samurai,
I came upon this site and was delited to see how informative it is. I have a problem with slow (hot) water flow into my cloths washer. I took the hot water hose off to look at the filter screen in the inlet valve as you suggested and it looked ok???? Do I have to remove the inlet valve gadget from the washer to check a different part of it? I'm still searching your site to see if I find more but I keep getting side tracked reading other stuff and have not found anything. Thank you, Grasshopper Diane

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Konichiwa, grasshopper. While pondering your dilemma, I peered deeply into my steaming cup of green tea and perceived the solution to your problem. Now, snatch the pebbles from my hand and restore harmony to your washer.

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Howdy Samurai, That might work ok when it's only at the single appliance or faucet, but what about when every hot water outlet in the house is now running slow. I replaced a hot water heater a few months ago, and it's getting slower & slower. Maybe I stired up some gunk that is slowing the flow. I'll first try draining the tank with the tank drain outlet (!) and then inspecter gadget the flexable copper deals on ether (!!) side of the tank...there is a valve on the cold side that needs some inspection too. It's one of those gate valves...the kind that force an obstruction down into the "gateway" of the valve.

Any further thoughts? Things I've not mentioned? Since this will take more than a few minutes, I'll probably work on it this weekend, when it's nice and sunny & I should be outdoors...


By Blogger Rich, at June 06, 2007 9:21 PM  

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