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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Spiffy New Appliance Parts Lookup Tools

Finding those appliance parts you need just got a whole lot easier, Budrow. Now, you can find the part you need right here, right now using this spiffy new form:

Please choose appliance type, brand and enter the model number:
Appliance brand:
Appliance type:
Model number:

Go ahead, try it out with your own appliance brand and model number. You won't break nothin'; in fact, you'll quickly find that part you need to fix something!

Already have the part number and just need to order the ding-dang part taco-pronto? We-l-l-l, we gotcha covered there, too, Hoss. Check this bad boy out:

Please enter the manufacturer number:

Oh yeah, it's slick and it's quick. Take it for a test drive. Let's suppose you need a new ignitor for your gas range and you happen to know the part number is 12400035 (this is the part number for the Maytag ignitor kit, which works great in most ovens, regardless of brand). Well, go ahead and enter in that part number, 12400035, above and, walla!, there it be, bigger n' life. It works with any part number-- I haven't been able to stump it yet!

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be placing these spiffy new parts look-up tools into strategic spots throughout the website to make it so convenient to buy parts that hopefully we'll increase parts sales here at

People often ask me, "Oh, thrice-blessed Samurai, how can you offer such an incredible website with all this free repair help?" The answer is simple: parts sales. The thing that made me realize I need to make parts ordering easier and more obvious is because lots of times I'll be helping someone in online chat figger out what's wrong with their appliance and they ax me, "Ok, do you know where I can buy the part?" Meanwhile, there's a big ol' "Buy Appliance Parts Here!" link staring 'em right in their eyes!

I never understood how people could use a reading-intensive medium like the internet and yet they don't read. I dunno, too many words or something. Why can't Johnny read? 'Cuz Johnny went to gubmint schools. Y'see, I know I'm safe in saying that some of my users are functionally illiterate because I know that most of 'em won't even bother reading this anyway. They've long ago skimmed on to the next purdy picture, or called me on the toll-free hotline to find the answer that was right in front of 'em on the very page they had open in their browser... but didn't bother reading it. One day, websites will all be equipped with Peter Jennings talking heads and then we won't have to be bothered reading a bunch o' gobbledy-gook no mo'.

Come git me, Mother, I'm through.

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