Mega-Money Management System

Tired of always being on the outside looking in? Class warfare rhetoric starting to sink in? Why do some people have more money than Satan and others can barely scrape by. Is this fair? Hell no! Where be the justice? Where be the peas? No justice, no peas!

Mega-Money Mega Mania!

Now, for the first time ever, the wealth creation system used by the rich and famous is being made available directly to the people. Let the Mega Money Wealth Building System® show you how to build a financial powerhouse! Achieve the freedom and independence you’ve always dreamed of! Be your own boss, dream your own dreams, think your own thinks!

How does the Mega-Money Wealth Building System® work? At the heart of this ancient and proven system for building wealth is the Mega-Money Management Center®, shown below:

Mega-Money: Fully Guaranteed[3]!

Each Mega-Money Management Center® is a painstakingly crafted artistic expression created just for you by genuine New Hampshire Craftsmen1 and is signed and numbered by the artist. We use only the very best materials available for the construction of the each and every Mega-Money Management Center® such as:

  • FDA-approved containers for the Mega-Money Cash Cocoon®
  • ASTM-approved wooden base
  • ASHRAE-approved 1/4″ genuine copper tubing, certified genuine by the National Copper Organization.
  • …other materials all FTC-approved.

Each newly created Mega-Money Management Center® is built with the full power of wealth retention. This means that once money is placed into the Mega-Money Management Center®, it cannot be spent or lost in any way! All you need to do is keep putting your money into the Mega-Money Management Center® and leave it there–then the wealth-building magic begins!

But wait, there’s more! If you order within the next five minutes, we’ll include these extra goodies at no additional cost!

  • A printed copy of the Official Mega-Money Management Center® Complete Instruction Manual.

    Mega-Money Wealth Building System Instruction Manual: click for larger view!

    (Click for the full-size manual! Right here on-line!!)

  • Lifetime email support on the use of your Mega-Money Management Center®.

Incredibly, it doesn’t stop there. You see, we take a personal interest in everyone who invests in our Mega-Money Wealth Building System®. So much so that we’ll provide the seed cash in your Mega-Money Management Center® just to get you started! That’s right, Hoss: cold hard cash2 comes with every order! Here at Live It Up LLC, your success is our mission!

Just read these genuine testimonials from Mega-Money Wealth Building System® clients who are realizing their financial dreams:

  • “Wow, Daddy, I can’t believe how many pennies I have in my Mega-Money Management Center already!! I’m rich, I’m rich!”
    — Ivey Brown, New London, NH

  • “Uhh, thanks, Daddy…I guess.”
    — Stephen Brown, New London, NH

  • “Momma, I went pooooo!”
    — Sam Brown, New London, NH

  • “Honey, you’re starting to get weird again. Are you still taking your medication?”
    — Susan Brown, New London, NH

How much is all this? $10,000? No! $467.68? No, but interesting guess. A buck two-eighty? Sort of. You get the entire Mega-Money Wealth Building System® with the Official Instruction Manual, lifetime email support, and the wealth building seed cash all for only $20.00, and that includes free shipping! That’s right, just $20.00 with free shipping!! And every single Mega-Money Management Center® is 100% backed by our exclusive guarantee.3 Operators are standing by, so…

1. Not affiliated with the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen®.
2. one U.S. Penny
3. We guarantee that the Mega-Money Management Center® will hold your money for as long as you leave it in there. Beyond that, you’re on your own. And read this disclaimer, too, Slick.

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