Samurai Appliance Repair Forum Server Migration Status

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Konnichiwa! On this page, I’ll post updates on the server migration for the repair forum at I expect this process to take about an hour but you know how that goes. Hence this page. 😉

(All times are Eastern Daylight Savings Time)

4/12/2010, 8:45pm: OK, I think I’ve squished all the bugs and squashed all the creepy codings. So, lemme know whatcha think– how’re we running? Better, worse, same? Any bugs? Would love to hear any feedback or comments!

4/12/2010, 2:20am: WhooWEEEE! Wild ride tonight, folks. Sorry about the down time.

Just when I thought everything was peachy, along comes midnight and WHAM!

Why midnight? I dunno, I rectum compooter code must turn to pumpkins ‘cuz the site wasn’t loading anymore, just a blank white page.

My server dude had already gone to dreamland because we both thought it was mission accomplished. That left yours so very freaking truly to poke around and tweak settings until I could get the site to pull up again. Sumpin still ain’t raht but we’ll track that down tomorrow… which is really today.

Dayyam, it’s been a long night.

4/12/2010, 12:20am: Well, the witching hour of midnight brought some surprises. Seems all is not well in forum land. When you go to the forum, all you get is a blank white page. Obviously sumpin’ ain’t raht. But we’re on it!

4/11/2010, 11:20pm: The repair forums are up and running but, depending on how long it takes for your ISP to update their DNS logs, you may still get the Apache page. It’s pulling up properly for me and my ISP is Comcast, so I would guess that most people using Comcast can see the new site. Getting reports from some people that they can get to the site using but that it won’t work without the “www” in the URL. I’m pretty sure this is a DNS issue but am looking into it to be sure.

4/11/2010, 10:55pm: And the repair forums are back open! May be a few bugs crawling around but I’ll squash those as I find ’em. If you see anything weird, lemme know.

4/11/2010, 10:15pm: I know, I know, how naive was that to guess an hour? But we are getting it dialed in. Everything is substantially there and the DNS is all set. Tracking down some broken image file links and then we should be good to go.

4/11/2010, 9:55pm: Getting the default website page now. This means the DNS transfer is proceeding. Gettin’ there.

4/11/2010, 9:40pm: When you go the forum address,, you’re probably seeing a strange page about a tribe of Apaches. This is temporary while the DNS is being transferred. Taking a little longer than I estimated because the forum database is ginormous. But no snags and everything’s truckin’ along.

9:25pm: Still going along fine, just renaming some databases and putting on the finishing touches. Then will need to make some changes to the DNS. Almost there.

4/11/2010, 8:50pm: Unpacking and settling in. Everything trucking along smoothly so far with no bumps in the road. Almost at the Promised Land!

4/11/2010, 8:40pm: Migration progressing well, so far no snags. Keep hope alive!

4/11/2010, 8:20pm: Forum shut down. The Great Migration begins!