Hillstomping Update

by Samurai Appliance Repair Man on August 8, 2002

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Hillstomping Update

Beautious hike up Mt. Chocorua today! Perfect weather, de minimis bloodsucker activity, and cool, dry air which made for spectacularly crystal-clear 360° views from the summit. The summit of Mt. Chocorua is a rock tower poking up into the sky giving a vantage point for some of the best views in the White Mountains. Would’ve had pictures to post but the battery in someone’s fancy-ass digital camera was dead because he didn’t recharge it before the hike. DOH! So, we’ll have to wait for the pictures to be developed from my low-tech, but ever-faithful, Olympus analog camera–probably tomorrow.

The AMC Guide says Mt. Chocorua is the most-photographed mountain in the Whites. Translation: most heavily trafficked. The place was a beehive with people. And for good reason–you get tremendous views for relatively little effort compared to, say, Mts. Willey or Wildcat D. But Chocorua has a sister peak, Middle Sister, that offers views almost as fine but without the crowds. Ouzo and I split off from the other Hillstompers, who headed on down, and we lingered on Middle Sister awhile, enjoying the views unmolested by the hoard.

Ok, time for another brewski. Ahhh, Red Stripe lager!

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