New Trouble for Ol’ Lonely

by Samurai Appliance Repair Man on June 9, 2004

in General Appliance Wisdom

When it rains, it pours and Maytag is getting swamped with troubles. First, they get slapped with a class-action action lawsuit for their Neptune front-loading washer–this machine is an orgy of engineering blunders. Now, surprise, surprise, the bungling Maytag management (or, more accurately, “manglement”) decides they need to cut 1,100 jobs (and probably move them to Mexico) citing increased labor costs. Yeah, it wouldn’t have anything to do with bone-headed Manglement decisions authorizing the production of poorly-designed products. Or their decision to move away from making quality machines, like their flagship product, the Maytag Dependable Care washing machine with a bullet-proof transmission and drive assembly, opting instead for the cheesy Norge-style machines in their current-production Atlantis and Performa washers with plastic gears in the transmission. And they must have hired some crack-heads to design all their electronics control boards because they all SUCK! From refrigerators and ranges to washing machines, their electronic control boards are going snap, crackle, pop.

And can someone tell me why none of the knuckleheads at any of the major appliance manufacturers have figured out that electronics and wet appliances just don’t mix? What’s wrong with discreet switches and mechanical controls? Oh, wait: they’re too reliable and they don’t provide enough residual revenue in parts sales. Ok, got it.

Anyway, the workers at Maytag plants do their jobs and make these pieces of crap that Manglement tells them to make. So when all these appliances start breaking down in the field, the workers take the hit. It’s interesting how I frequently have to replace an electronic part on some Maytag appliance that failed just a couple days after the warranty expired, or install some service kit to fix a design blunder, but I can’t remember the last time I had to fix a Maytag appliance because of a defect in workmanship from the factory. Seems to me they were all made exactly to plans and specifications–you could say they were made perfectly wrong. And Manglement wants the workers to take the hit. Well, the UAW workers at Maytag’s Iowa plant had a different idea.

Manglement has no one but itself to blame for Maytag’s troubles.

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