How to open up a Maytag Neptune top-load washer to replace the clutch… or do anything else inside the machine

by Samurai Appliance Repair Man on October 4, 2010

in Washer Repair

Brett wrote:

I am trying to replace the clutch in my Maytag Neptune fav6800aw top load washer and I need some more info. I read the forum on this topic but I do not see how to remove the front panel and how to replace the clutch with out removing the tub.


Ahh, Grasshoppah, it is the Samurai’s greatest joy to reveal this most sublime and esoteric of katas to you. Embrace your favorite putty knife tenderly and try to snatch this grain of rice from my hand:

Popping the Hood on a Maytag Neptune Top Loading Washer
(click to enlarge)

Very good! Now you are ready for the more advanced scroll of Appliantological wisdom which reveals the ancient and mystical kata of replacing the clutch in these sodden dragons. Behold the wisdom of the Master:

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