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Friday, May 02, 2003

Mailbag: Refrigerator Door Gasket Replacement
--- Brad Holcomb wrote:
> kenmore upright manual-defrost freezer (old) model
> 106.8221510; the door doesn't seal well anymore; do
> gasket magnets wear out? maybe the rubber isn't
> pliable anymore and can I treat it with something
> like ArmorAll (automotive vinyl treatment)? Do I
> HAVE to get a new gasket for $50???
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First, make sure that your door closing problem isn't being caused by bent or misaligned door hinges. If the hinges check out OK, then you probably are dealing with bad gaskets.

Freezer door gasket for a Kenmore freezer, model number 106.8221510 -- click to order.Refrigerator and freezer door gaskets can fail in several ways: they can split or crack allowing cold air to escape, they can come loose from the door and start drooping or sagging, they can get bunched up and deformed (this is usually caused by bent door hinges, in which case you'll need to replace the hinges and the door gasket).

Do you have to spend $50 to replace the gasket? No, you could continue to use the freezer in its current condition. This would cause the compressor to run longer, wasting lots of electricity and money and leading to other problems like excessive condensation inside the fridge.

Or you could just buy a new door gasket. For guidance on the fine art of door gasket replacement, check out this page.

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