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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Common Replacement Parts for Whirlpool/Kenmore Gas and Electric Dryers

You'll be able to fix most problems with your Whirlpool-built dryer (this includes most Kenmores) with one of these replacment parts.

Complete Whirlpool dryer repair kit, includes 2 rollers, idler pulley, belt and adhesive. Dryer lint screen for most standard capacity Whirlpool dryers with pull-out lint screens, measures 17 5/8If the drum thumps and bumps as it turns, you need one o' these. Also, replace ripped, torn, or deformed lint screens promptly to prevent big problems, like burnt out motors or vent fires.

Most common Whirlpool-style dryer heating element. Thermal cut-out (fuse) L360 and high-limit thermostat L250.This element fits almost all Whirlpool-built dryers (yes, that includes Kenmore) that have the lint filter in the top panel (that's the most common and also the best one). This is the most common thermal cutoff switch. You'll find this mounted on the heating element can.

Thermal fuse, on blower housing cover of Whirlpool dryers.  Cannot be re-set, must be replaced if is open (no continuity between pins). 3/16 inch terminals. Thermal fuse, on blower housing cover of Whirlpool stacked laundry dryers.  Cannot be re-set, must be replaced if is open (no continuity between pins). 1/4 inch terminals--used in stack laundry models.If your dryer is part of a stack laundry center, then your thermal fuse probably looks like the one shown here to the right. Otherwise, it's probably like the one to the left. The look the same but they differ in one important way: the size of the terminal spades. The spades on the statcked laundry thermal fuse are ¼" wide whereas the other one has 3/16" wide spades.

Thermal fuse, disposable, on exhaust duct of Whirlpool dryers.On some models, the thermal fuse looks like this.

Igniter kit, will replace round or flat style, with bracket, wire nuts and mounting screw. Caution! The black heating element portion of this part is EXTREMELY fragile. Use caution when handling.
Gas dryer sensor for igniter and flame.
Gas valve solenoid coil kit, 2 and 3 wire, new style.

Gas dryer not firing up? Common troublemakers are shown here. From top to bottom they are: the ignitor, the radiant sensor, and the gas valve coils. A blown thermal fuse will also create a no-heat condition so be sure to ohm out the thermal fuse with your meter.

Remember Samurai's Ichiban Law of Appliance Repair: Never replace a part unless you have proof that the part is bad. For help in getting that proof, read the Gas Dryer Problem Solver.

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