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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Trans-global Server Migration In Progress

Things might be a little glitchy around here for the next several days as we migrate Samurai Appliance Repair Man from our present crucible here in Hong Kong to our new servers in Boston. Our excellent web hosting company,, who we've been with for over a year, is based in Hong Kong and recently opened a server center in Boston.

Oh, I know what you're saying, "Excuse me, Thrice-Blessed Samurai, but there must be more web hosting companies here in Ameedica than there are defects on GE appliances. Why then, pray tell, O Gracious One, didn't you simply host with a U.S.-based web host to begin with?"

A reasonable question, Grasshopper, and respectfully posed. The short answer is because, just like GE appliances, U.S.-based webhosts SUCK! This website has been around since 1996--by internet standards, it's paleolithic (for those of you in Bagdad, Kentucky, that means "reeeeel freakin' old"). So we've had more than enough time to become intimately familiar with the slimy, seedy underworld of web hosting. Prior to finding, we dealt exclusively with US-based web hosting companies--mostly because we didn't know any better. We had already been through over a dozen web hosts before we finally found Finding them was like taking a hot, soapy shower after wallowing around in a lumpy cesspool of steaming pig manure.

Anyway, the address for the new domain name servers (DNS) for Samurai Appliance Repair Man will take several days to propagate throughout the internet. So if things seem flakey around here for the next few days, you know why. Just be patient, everything will be back to normal by mid-week.

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