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Appliantology: Icemakers

Appliantology Table of Contents
Buying a Replacement or Add-On Icemaker
Get the right icemaker kit with the help of this handy table.
What Type of Icemaker Do I Have?
And don't tell me "Kenmore." Look, Bubba, if you don't know what you don't know, then how 'bout finding out?
The New GE IM6 Icemaker
Learn how to troubleshoot this new icemaker from GE... for all the good it'll do ya.
Icemaker Water Filters
Clean up ice taste and odor problems with an inexpensive, easy-to-install filter.
Fed-up with Fill Tube Freezing?
Does the fill tube in your icemaker keep freezing up? Seems the manufacturer's have finally recognized this problem...and done something about it!
Installing an Icemaker and Water Supply Line
Lots of ways to do this job, only one right way, though. Check it out, Hoss.
Manually Starting a Harvest Cycle: Whirlpool Modular Icemakers
Illustrated destructions for how to manually start a harvest cycle for the Whirlpool-built modular icemaker (used in most brands and models of refrigerators today).
Manually Starting a Harvest Cycle: New GE Icemakers
Illustrated destructions for how to manually start a harvest cycle for the newfangled GE icemakers.
Troubleshooting Flowchart for Whirlpool Modular Icemakers
This one spiffy flowchart will solve most problems you’ll have with this commonly-used icemaker. Even if there’s nothing wrong with your icemaker, you gotta see this flowchart ‘cuz it’s a work or freakin’ art!
(This space intentionally left blank. Move along.)

Order Parts for Your Icemaker (or Ice Maker)

Still confoosed, Grasshoppah? Check out the Ice Maker FAQs.

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