Daily Archives: May 29, 2002

Traffic to the website has steadily increased. Currently, I’m getting about 1,100 users per day. Not bad for a home-made, low-budget operation like Fixitnow.com. I’m even starting to see users on after midnight (Eastern Time), which used to be rare. ‘Course, this also means the posts to the forum have increased and some of those posts have been pretty bizarre. Like that dingbat Dierdre Holmes, described yesterday. She finally admitted she was a liar and apologized, asking me to remove her mailing address from the forum. I graciously agreed…provided she makes the right contribution to the United Samurai Beer Fund, of course. Oh boy, maybe I can buy a whole 12-pack of Bud Lite goosenecks!

The activity in the forums has picked up considerably, too, and is taking up so much time that I don’t have much left over to add new content to my website. Brain, Brewer, and Jeff help out alot and I really appreciate it. Thanks, gang!