Daily Archives: June 23, 2002

Dizzy-Dazey is still at it, whining and complaining. If she’d stop running her mouth so much, she might actually fix something. I think the real help she needs is here. And to help her along on her journey to mental health, I wrote her this haiku:

the bamboo reveals all

Like pearls tossed to swine,
give free washer repair help,
still she squeals and whines.

Netscape version 4.7x has a problem with how it handles java. As a result, people coming to my website using one of these versions would cause my HumanClick console to load up and it would drive me crazy. I finally added a little snippet of java code to each of my webpages that detects these odious browsers and sends them to this page in the hopes of encouraging them to upgrade their browser. For crying out loud, people, it’s FREE! Why would you continue surfing the web with an antique browser when you can upgrade to a much better version for FREE?