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Appliance Tip of the Day: Properly Loading a Dishwasher

Oh, I know what you’re saying, you’re saying, “Yo, Samurai, how stupid do you think we are that you think you gotta tell us how to load our friggin’ dishwasher?” Ahh, Grasshopper, did you know that improperly loading your dishwasher is one of the most common causes for having food and spit and slime left on your dishes after you’ve run ’em through? Yup, here’re seven simple dishwasher loading tips that’ll hepya get the gookus off your dishes:

  1. Load all your dirty dishes so that they’re separated and facing the center.
  2. If you place a large bowl or pan over the center of the lower rack, you’re gonna block the washing and spraying action of the center spray tower. Now how’re all them other dishes gonna get clean, genius?
  3. Similarly, don’t place larger items in front of smaller items ‘cuz they’ll sheild the smaller items from the cleansing spraying action.
  4. Bowls shouldn’t be nested together for the same reason.
  5. Spoons and other silverware should be loaded with some handles up and some handles down to prevent nesting. Y’see, Slick, it’s all about the spray. Think the spray. BE the spray.
  6. Don’t load anything that could block the spray arm. Now, you’d think I wouldn’t need to say that, wouldn’t you?
  7. Also, when loading large items, pay attention to where the detergent dispenser is and make sure it’s not gonna keep the dispenser door from opening.

Awwite, go wash you some dishes!

Forum Update

If you take vitamin supplements, the brand can really make a big difference. If your vitamins don’t seem to be doing anything for you or, worse yet, make you feel sick right after you take them, then you need to check out Shaklee vitamins.

As an avid hiker and backpacker in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, I found that the ginseng supplement greatly enhances endurance on the trail. After a killer hike, I swear by the Physique Workout Maximizer for speeding recovery. I also use it as a meal supplement when I’m on the trail for several days backpacking. And the glucosamine supplement has practically eliminated the sometimes excruciating knee pain I used to get.

But in addition to doing your body a favor, your purchase supports this free appliance repair website. Thanks!

Hillstomping Update

Tim finally posted his cool pics from our latest peak-bagging exploits. Check ’em out!

But the Samurai wants you to know that even though he spends as much time in the White Mountains as Mrs. Samurai will permit, he’s always thinking of his loyal grasshoppers. Why, here he is at the peak of Mt. Tom on his cell phone, counselling a grasshopper on the fine art of repairing a Scrotum Scrubber 2000:

Samurai Appliance Repair Man:
A beacon of hope in your time of appliance despair.

Anyway, I’m back, I’m black, and I’m madder than hell! Ok, I’m not really black. And I’m not particularly mad, either. But I really am back and I’ll available for live help, hangin’ out at Hodji’s Scuttlebutt Café, or spreading hate and disinformation in the Samurai School of Appliantology. Or, you can call me on my cell phone, the number is… oh, DAMN, I just remembered I gotta go pull hair outta the drain, or something. Later.

Appliance Tip of the Day: Levelling Your Washer

The subject of levelling the washer comes up frequently in the laundry appliance repair forum. And almost every single friggin’ time, the Grasshopper blabbers on about how he knows the washer is level because he levelled it with a bubble level and that’s the end of that, blah, blah, blah. But when you hear us professionals talk about levelling your washer, bubble-level ain’t nearly as important as it is to have each leg carrying 25% of the washer’s weight. A washer can be bubble-level and still have three of the legs carrying most of the weight but the fourth leg is lightly loaded or even off the ground by a millimeter or two. In spin, a washer is basically a centrifuge and generates huge centrifugal forces. Any uneven weight distribution among the legs will manifest itself in various gawd-awful ways: thumping against walls during spin, knocking down walls or whole houses, and even flying across the room and wiping out whole families.

Awwite, if the Samurai says it then it is so. From now on, when I say to check the washer’s level you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Hillstomping Update

Hooo-WHEEE, another kick-ass Hell-stomp yesterday! This one was in the Carter Range of the White Mountains. Our intrepid entourage of four humans and two canines bagged three more peaks on The List, Wildcat A, Wildcat D, and Carter Dome, in an 8½ hour, 15-mile bone-crushing endurance hike. Film at eleven.

I’ve posted some pictures from our two previous Hell-stomps on Franconia Ridge (more pics coming on another roll to be developed) and Mts. Willey, Field, and Tom.

Today, I’ll be hanging out here, catching up on website work and soothing sore muscles and tendons with beer. Lots of beer.

I’ll be available for live help during my semi-lucid moments.

Ok, finished the makeover of the homepage. What was formerly the What’s New? page has been polished up and made into the homepage. You can see the old homepage here. Bunch of search ‘n replace in the editor changing links. That ate up a whole day. And I’m spent.

Live Help Schedule for Thursday, July 11, 2002
I’m gonna take a break from playing tippety-tap on the keyboard and watch “The Royal Tenenbaums.” After that, I’ll be online later this evening for a little bit. Talk to you later.