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I get a lot of emails from folks wondering what it’s like to run the web’s most kickass appliance repair website. So, to help give you an idea of what I deal with, I did an analysis of my users and discovered that 93% of them are either:

  • AOL users clicking the live help button and then not saying anything because, duh hee,   they’ve got AOL;
  • the Great Unwashed Illiterati who can’t compose simple sentences much less read the information in the Appliance Repair Help Center that already has the answers they seek;
  • boneheads who don’t know that it is rude and obnoxious to write any internet correspondence, and especially chat, with the CAPS LOCK ON;
  • noodges who keep ringing me up for live help even though I’ve already told them to post their problem in the forum–but they ring back anyway, as though I owe it to them…or maybe they’re hoping to get a different person; 
  • grubby Lower Slabovians who successfully repair their appliance with the help of this website, including live help and the forum, yet refuse to even buy me a beer through the United Samurai Beer Fund;

But not to give the goobers all the spotlight, here are examples of the other 7% who shine brightly among the heaving, drooling masses:

  • MomWhoHatesColdBeer fixed her refrigerator with just a nudge in the right direction;
  • I helped the Jeep Dude fix his oven and he bought me a brewski.

And there are others, they’re just a lot harder to find. But I think you get the idea…some of you do, anyway.


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