Return of the Samurai

Return of the Samurai

samurai with a mohawkHe’s back, he’s black, he’s madder than Hell…he’s Samurai with a mohawk!

Ok, I didn’t really get a mohawk. I’m not overtly angry, either, just the usual inward-directed anger that makes me mildly bipolar and prone to substance abuse. And I’m only a little black. But I really am back. I gotta say, that was the best hike ever in the White Mountains. Trail stories by request. Film at eleven.

I couldn’t convince my flat-lander hiking buddies to bag the Bonds this trip. So, I’m doing ’em this week, Thursday-Friday, hiking up via the Lincoln Woods trail, camping at Guyot campsite Thursday night, and then returning the same way on Friday. Weather forecasts are spectaculous.

I’ll be around today and tomorrow, on and off of live help, but then I’m gone Thursday and Friday, back online late Friday night or Saturday morning. Talk to you later, M’bassoo.


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