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Reach millions of eyeballs for less than a penny per impression! It’s the deal of a lifetime! We’re jumping on the micro-ad bandwagon pioneered by Google’s AdWords Select program and further popularized by such cool services as Blogger and Arnab’s BlogSnob. And we’re doing it cheap, too. Just $10, the minimum purchase, gets you 12,500 impressions right here on our homepage. Your ad will also appear on all the other pages of this website, too– and this website has over 1,000 pages. That’s one helluva lot of exposure for just ten measly bucks, dontcha think?

Oh, I know what you’re asking. You’re wondering, “But why should I advertise on your website rather than some white supremist’s or the Hare Krishna’s website?” Excellent question! The reason is that we need the money more than either of the two aforementioned groups and we have better taste in beer.

So, ready to strut your stuff in front of the whole virtual world and place a micro-ad for your website? Ok then, come git you some!


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