Don’t Touch!

Don’t Touch!

So yesterday the toilet in the hallway stopped up…again! One of the kids likes to use most of a full roll of toilet paper after their constitutional. After they finish, toilet paper is heaping up out of the water in the toilet, still dry. I haven’t figured out who the culprit is and they’re not talking, either. Anyway, I tried to plunger the whole mess down, must have fought with it for half an hour. No go. So, I roll up my shirt sleeve and I’m just about to take the Nestea plunge when my wife screams, “STOP!” I mean, my bare hand was mere centimeters from the toxic waste in the toilet bowl when she screamed.

“What?” I yell back, “I’m just gonna scoop out some of the poopy to clear the toilet. What’s the problem?”

Biodegreat:  buy yours today!“Let’s try this stuff and see how well it works,” she says, holding up a jar of Biodegreat.

So she sprinkles in a couple teaspoons, let is sit for a few hours and, WALLA! the toilet flushes without having to get any poopy under my fingernails. In fact, it flushes better that it ever has. Apparently, it has enzymes that love to eat the nasty, slimy stuff growing in dark, wet drains.

Isn’t it worth spending a few shekels on Biodegreat to avoid sticking your arm into the toilet?


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