Appliance Tip of the Day: Maytag Atlantis Washer Squealing

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So your Maytag Atlantis washer finishes spinning the water out of your clothes and then squeals like a Burmese war pig in heat. Since you’re a fixit kind of a guy, you dutifully check for foreign objects between the inner basket and the tub. Nothing. You even check for restictions under the tub. Still nothing. Maybe you even replaced the thrust bearing but your washer still makes that awful squealing whenever it completes the spin cycle or when you open the lid during the spin cycle. Perplexed? Confused? Keep reading, grasshopper, all is revealed.

Maytag Atlantis brake rotor and lining--click for larger view.The problem is the brake. Usually, what’s happening is moisture gets on the brake rotor and the squealing is heard when the brake stator is applied to stop the tub from spinning.Maytag Atlantis brake stator--click for larger view.This moisture, by the way, drips down from the tub onto the brake rotor which could indicate a leaky tub seal. If you can’t see it actively dripping when you fill the tub with water, don’t worry about the tub seal.

Often, you can fix the squealing by cleaning the rotor and stator with a light sandpaper, such as emory cloth. Maytag Atlantis brake removal tool--click for larger view.If that doesn’t work or if the brakes are badly worn, you’ll need to replace the brake stator and rotor. If you need to replace ’em, do it as a set, don’t just change the stator without also replacing the rotor, or vice versa. And here’s a bonus tip: the brake spring exerts 200 pounds of force. If you try to remove the 5/16″ screws without using this brake removal tool, you could have a real mess on your hands…or in your hands.

The Cliff Notes version of the instructions for replacing the brake rotor and stator:

  • Tip the unit back.
  • Remove the main pulley.
  • Attach the brake release tool.
  • Remove the seven 5/16 screws holding the stator.
  • You’ll need to pull the tub forward to get the stator over the lip it is caught on.
  • Then unscrew the brake.
  • Abadee, abadee, abadee, that’s all folks!

Awwite, go quiet that noisy washer down.

grasshoppers mediating with the master uninterrupted by that damn obnoxious squealling from their maytag atlantis washer


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