Lesson in Libery: Pseudo-Pacifist Wussies

Don't Tread on MeFirst off, I am a true pacifist: you leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone; step on me and I’ll cut yo ass, suckah. The “Don’t Tread on Me” flag used in the American Revolution accurately portrays this truly pacifist sentiment.

Most of the weenies parading around today whining, “Like, no blood for oil, man, you know?” are really just socialist limp-dicks. Oh, how they wail and bemoan the use of military force (which is really just gubmint force) yet they’re perfectly happy to use gubmint force to extort YOUR hard-earned money so they can use it for all sorts of bizarre socialist programs. Force is force. Hiding behind gubmint tax collectors to rob Peter so you can pay Paul is no different than hiding behind the gubmint military to go beat up on some other gubmint half-way around the globe.

You don’t think taxation is force? Try not paying the Income Tax or your property taxes and see how long it takes before an armed gubmint representative comes to your home to “help you” pay the gubmint’s tax bill. These weenies who eschew gubmint military violence yet applaud the economic violence that we are all victims of right here at home are really just wimps who think they’re taking the moral high ground by condemning physical violence. In their hearts, they still seethe with violence and they express it by using the gubmint to bully away the money that you and I earn. Down South, they have a good name for these people: wussies.

True pacifism begins with the recognition that gubmint is force, plain and simple. Unfortunately, it’s also a necessary force because there will always be nabobs out there who want to deprive other people of their Liberty. The only legitimate role of gubmint is to secure Liberty. Period. Not “grant rights,” not “create jobs,” not engage in “liberation” conquests around the world, not “wealth redistribution,” not providing for your medical expenses or retirement, not telling you what you can’t do in your bedroom with any other consenting adult — just secure Liberty right here at home. That means ensuring that I’m free to do whatever the hell I want to do so long as I do not infringe on the Liberty of someone else. As a true pacifist, I would not be tempted to do this anyway, but lots of control-freaks out there would. The only legitimate purpose for gubmint is to stop these meddlesome no-gooders. Yes, it’s force, but it’s a force that should be reactive, not proactive; passive rather than aggressive.

This same principle applies on a personal level. I will not seek to do anything that infringes on your Liberty so long as you don’t step on me. But if you were to infringe on my Liberty by say, oh, I dunno, trying to kill me or my family, then I would respond by infringing on your Liberty with my Smith & Wesson 9mm automatic, or perhaps my Mossberg 12ga “Snake Charmer” loaded with 00 buck shot (I’ve always been partial to this weapon as a home defense tool). In true pacifist spirit, though, I would feel bad about it later…I hate paying federal taxes on ammunition.

Live Free or Die!


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