Need Appliance Repair Help?

Need more detailed or personalized help than what you’re finding in the online appliance repair manuals or the appliance repair tips? The Samurai has you covered! You have two additional sources for expert appliance repair help:

  • The Appliantology Group: Repair photos and a repair forum, too. Look through the photo albums and you might find a diagram that’ll answer your question. And check out the repair forum. There are lots of questions posted there by other seekers of appliance wisdom just like you. You can also post your question in the forum and me or one of the other fine gurus there can help you. You need to join the group to post but membership is free and open to all.

  • Live Appliance Repair Help: Need answers fast? You can get ’em right from the Samurai. If you see the face in the Live Person box, that means I’m online and available for real-time help. More info here.


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