Mailbag: Gas Oven Won’t Fire Up

--- jared wrote:
> Oven broke:
> My Tappan (model 12-1062-30)automatic pilotless
> ignition oven stopped heating. I disassembled it to
> find what looks like the oven igniter assy that
> promptly glows but does not "fire-up" the oven. 
> Does this need to be replaced?  Or could it be
> something else?   Thanks for your help,  My daughter
> can smile again once we can toss pizza back in the
> oven
> Cheers
> Jared
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The ignitor may be bad. But before you just cross your fingers and change it, you can find out for sure by measuring the current draw of the ignitor using a clamp-on amp meter. This page explains the current draw specifications for the ignitor and where to measure it. If you need help on how to use a clamp-on amp meter to measure current, this page will help with that.

Once you confirm the ignitor is bad, you can order a new ignitor here using your model number.


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