Mailbag: Gas Oven Won’t Fire Up (Redux)

--- Larry Cagiwa  wrote:
> I just read "gas oven that's not firing up".  Does
> this troubleshooting apply to an oven that ignites
> (can hear the click,click,click) but doesn't fire
> (no flame from the burner). We've had multiple
> technitions replace parts with the same result.  The
> trouble shooting guide refers to "polarity".  I
> plugged in a tester and the correct lights light up
> (meaning the wiring is fine).  I'm not sure if it
> checks polarity.  Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks, 
> Larry Cagiwa
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The article you’re referring to explains how to troubleshoot gas ovens that use what’s called "hot surface ignition." But this is a very good question because it’s a point of confusion for lots of folks. So much so, that I decided it needed its very own Appliance Tip of the Day to ‘splain it to folks. Check it out.


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