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The Samurai hears his Grasshoppers when they chirp. You wanted an easy way to find my Mission Reports and Lessons in Liberty and the Samurai has harkened his pointy, fuzzy ears to your peeping and twittering. In my relentless efforts to make my pearls of wisdom more accessible to you, my loyal Grasshoppers, I’ve added two new webpages:

  • Samurai on Assignment
    As many of you know, the CIA frequently calls upon the Samurai for special assignments to defend truth, justice, and the American Way. Here is an on-going collection of my mission reports for the various assignments I’ve completed.
  • Lessons in Liberty
    Short lessons in the American heritage of Liberty to help you cut through all the Orwellian doublespeak polluting your brain.

Now, please, stop emailing me about this. Mucho domos.


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