Mailbag: Replacing the Cabinet on a Whirlpool-Style Direct-Drive Washer

Mike Glasser wrote:

I love your site. It guided me through the diagnosis and process of replacing my whirlpool washer (LA8800XTW1) coupler. However, the moron that I must be, I can’t figure how to put the cabinet on the right way – and each time I mess with the thing, the plastic water spout(?) that is attached to the back panel keeps coming off! So, I just put the thing together as best I could and if you look down at the washer it kind of resembles the great pyramids. Is this normal? Is there a way I could possibly get this thing on right? Will you stop by my house and do it for me while I watch the baseball game? My wife just brought a six of Miller High Life.

Thanks for your help.

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Well, if you live in the New London, New Hampshire area, you could call me for a service call. But if you’ve gotten this far on your own (with a little help from my website), you probably wouldn’t want to pay for a service call.

You’re almost there, sounds like you’re doing something just a little bit wrong. Look at the base of the washer on the sides. You will see two extrusions or metal tabs that mate with slots in the bottom of the cabinet. The cabinet has a lip on the bottom front that goes under the bottom frame of the washer, shown here. Place the lip under the base, let the cabinet down to mate to the extrusions on the base. Line the back up to the cabinet and replace the brass colored clips that hold the back of the washer to the cabinet. Plug the lid switch back in. Put console back in place and install the screws holding console.

Now, go break open one o’ them brewskis. Grab me one, while you’re at it.


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