Mailbag: Appliance Service Ripoff?

rebecca wrote:

We write this as we sit drowning our sorrows in a six pack of Franziskaner.We have a Kenmore front loading ridiculously expensive and unreliable washer. We spent $172 in repairs today and the *?>*!! thing still doesn’t work. They say it will cost an add’l 300 clams to fix it. Hoping you can help us. We will be around today and most of tomorrow. Thanks!

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Sounds to me like you may have a warranty issue with whoever serviced your washer. Any repair company worth their salt will warranty their work. If they didn’t fix the problem you hired them to fix, then they failed to provide the service you paid for, plain n’ simple. You don’t care that the whatchamahoosit was bad and they fixed that but they failed to also fix the thingamabob that was contributing to the same problem. As far as you’re concerned, you paid for your washer to be fixed, and it wasn’t.

Now, on the other hand, if they fixed the problem and it worked fine for a while and then something else went wrong and it crapped out again, that’s a different deal. That kind of thing happens and there’s no predicting it.

If you want to try fixing it yourself, use the repair forum at the Appliantology group. And be sure to include your model number.


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