Mailbag: Error Codes on a Whirlpool Calypso Washer

Warren Wood wrote:

Why can’t Sears figure out how to repair my Calypso washer? They have been out here three times, replaced all the boards and claimed that the long drain pipe their guys installed was siphoning water out of the machine.
The problem: machine runs fine in “normal” mode until it moves out of the first cycle then the “CA” warning comes on and the machine stops. When we open the lid, the machine stops completely (ie. it is off, not in standby).
Any ideas?

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Because they didn’t bother reading the manual.

The CA code means that the average current draw at the motor winding has exceeded 5.55 amps for more than two seconds. This could mean a problem with the drive motor, the thermal protector, or the motor controller board. Overloading the washer can also cause this fault. Page 57 of the manual gives specific tests for the drive motor and wiring harness. Start there.


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