Mailbag: Maytag Gas Dryer Won’t Fire Up

pudman wrote:

I’m just a poor boy from northern Minnesota living in Chas, SC. A Maytag dryer has been giving me fits. The glow plug heats up and snaps off prior to the gas igniting. I have tried drinking quality dark impoted beer while trying to fix it, but I guess it’s not good enough. Am I a moron or what? Please help me.

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Minnesooooota! My daughter was born there (St. Paul). Nice place. Kinda like a flat New Hampshire filled with tax-and-spend Democrats handing out hot, wet, stinky cash to people of color who took a train ride up from inner city Chicago. On second thought, it’s not really like New Hampshire at all. Don’t get me wrong: we liked living there. We liked leaving it better, though. And, really, is there any other state that can even come close to the endearingly cranky character of the “Live Free or Die” state? My fellow Ameedicans, I present to you the great state of New Hampster, USA!

But I digress. Let’s talk about your dryer. Referring first to my excellent tome on the subject, the much bally-hooed, Gas Dryer Problem Solver, you’ll read that one of the first recommended diagnostic actions is to run the dryer with the vent completely disconnected.

gas dryer valve coil set for a maytag dryer--click for larger viewHowever, based on your description, and bearing in the mind the principle of “garbage in, garbage out,” my vast experience as a certified appliance guru leads me to suspect your valve coils. Oui, oui, come git you some.

To learn more about your dryer, or to order parts, click here.


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