Mailbag: Amana Refrigerator Freezing Everything

John wrote:

My Amana fridge freezes top and bottom. I don’t meen frosts, I meen freezes. It runs all the time even when on the lowest setting. It freezes in the fridge and the freezer. Model #TG18V1W. It has seperate capilaries for fridge and freezer, so I don’t think it’s one of those. Can you tell me where the thermostat for the whole unit is, and if it’s likely to be the problem? I will be happy to pay a consultation fee if you can help.


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cold control for amana refrigerator -- click for larger viewYou do indeed have two controls in this fridge. One is just a damper control (it’s attached to a baffle box that regulates the amount of cold air from the freezer into the fresh food compartment). The other is the cold control, sometimes called a thermostat– in your fridge, it’s the one on the right. (For some good background information on understanding what these controls do, click here.) What’s happened is that the contacts in the cold control have fused together keeping the compressor running all the time and freezing everything. You need to replace the cold control. Problem solved.


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