Appliance Tip of the Day: Dryer Disassembly

appliance tip of the day archiveAt some point during the life of your dryer, you’re gonna need to open it up to do some surgery. Here are basic disassembly procedures for the most common dryer brands and models. And, Hoss, a genuine manufacturer’s repair manual can be a valuable accomplice in your dryer repair odyssey. Come git you some.

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grasshoppers visualizing a dryer disassembly with the master

To learn more about your dryer, or to order parts, click here.


2 thoughts on “Appliance Tip of the Day: Dryer Disassembly

  1. Snorpus

    I have a small addition to your instructions for disassembling early model (pre-1990) GE electric dryers. In my case, it was to replace the belt.

    After removing the four screws securing the top, and the two screws at the bottom of the front panel, I still couldn’t remove the drum (no clearance). By removing the two screws on the inside top front that secure the front panel, I was able to swing the front panel down to horizontal, and the drum slid straight out.

    Thanks for the many tips on your site.


  2. Joe

    I can’t tell you how happy I am that I ran across your web page. I have been trying for hours to put a new belt on my Maytag dryer and after searching every newsgroup and web page for help I finally found yours! You had exactally what I needed (just a simple picture of how to route the belt). Thanks a lot.

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