Mailbag: Gas Stove Sparks Continuously After Cleaning

Peng wrote:


After I cleaned my gas cooktop (with electric ignitors) and washed control knobs, one of ignitors automatically started sparking continuously when the control knob was on OFF position. (All the burners have no problems being lit.) I had to disconnected it from electrical supply so the clicking sound would disappear.

I did not dry knobs completely before I put them back on. So I guess it may cause the problem. Can I still use the oven when the ignitor is continuously sparking? Do I need to call technician to fix it?

Thanks, repair man!


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Ain’t no thang, m’main man. One of those switches got wet and is completing the circuit to the spark module causing it to fire off sparks. No danger to you or anyone else. Let it dry out, maybe help it along with a hair dryer. Take two beers and call me in the morning.


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